Time Out from Positive Reinforcement

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This course covers the following:

  • A time-out when applied properly is negative punishment.
  • It is the immediate withdrawal of the opportunity to earn positive reinforcers or the immediate loss of access to positive reinforcers for a specified time
  • There are two categories of time-out: non-exclusion and exclusion
  • Under the heading of non-exclusion, we have four tactics: planned ignoring, terminate specific reinforcer contact, contingent observation, and in partition or select space time-out
  • Under the category of exclusion, we have two. Either remove the animal from the reinforcing environment, or the reinforcing environment from the animal.
  • Rules! TO should be as brief as needed. The criteria should be clear (but how do we do that for exclusion?) If it’s not working, stop using it. It is not your first tool in the toolbox. And it is not a long-term solution to a problem.
  • Pros: Can be easy to apply (esp. terminate specific reinforcer contact) and fast if done correctly.
  • Cons: Aversive, aggressive behavior, clear communication a problem (esp. for exclusion)
  • Bottom line: Not all TO is the same….plan and use responsibly

This course takes 1 hour to complete.

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