Understanding Extinction in Animal Training and Exploring the Alternatives

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This course explores the concept of extinction in animal training. Extinction refers to breaking the reinforcement contingency of a previously reinforced behavior, leading to decreased behavior. It’s essentially withholding the consequence, breaking the link between the behavior and the desired outcome.

The course unpacks key elements of extinction. A crucial factor is the reinforcement history – behaviors with a strong reinforcement history will be more resistant to extinction. Identifying what maintains the behavior (the functional reinforcer) is essential. The course also explores different factors affecting extinction, like the schedule of reinforcement and potential side effects like extinction bursts (temporary increase in the behavior) and emotional responses (such as frustration and aggression).

The course differentiates extinction from negative punishment, where a desired stimulus is removed instead of withholding reinforcement. It also explores the role of extinction in shaping and strategies to mitigate emotional fallout in a shaping procedure. Finally, this course discusses constructional approaches that focus on building the desired behavior through reinforcement and other strategies to avoid extinction altogether.

This course offers valuable insights for animal trainers interested in the complexities of extinction and explores alternative strategies to achieve desired behavior changes.

This course takes 1 hour  to complete.

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